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You are precious in my sight, and honoured, and I love you.  Isaiah. 43:4



spiritual soundings

is for those who are not part of a church or worshipping community but want to deepen their Christian faith or begin a Christian faith journey

for those who are into spirituality but don’t do church

for those who sense they need to change church or denomination

for those who feel they don’t qualify as real Christians, to know that they are in a sense the most qualified

for those trying to come to terms with the past, or going through a crisis of faith

spiritual soundings

creating new paths in today’s wilderness of anxiety, guilt and drivenness, removing barriers and opening doors to receive God’s love


There’s no one way to use what’s on offer here - just explore

about Lorraine Cavanagh


The Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cavanagh is an Anglican priest, theologian and author and a sincere practitioner of Christian path. Her journey is about cultivating and helping others to establish personal relationship with God, outside of any dogmatic concept or structure. Her work is about spirituality, and not about church.

Lorraine Cavanagh’s published works include: Making Sense of God's Love: Atonement and Redemption, SPCK; Finding God in Other Christians, SPCK; By One Spirit - Reconciliation and Renewal in Anglican Life, Peter Lang; The Really Useful Meditation Book, Hodder; the e-book, Beginning Again: Reconnecting with Jesus Christ; In
 Such Times: Reflections on Living With Fear, Cascade Books.

© 2022 Lorraine Cavanagh.  All rights reserved.

Background photo by Sarah Lee on Unsplash

© 2022 Lorraine Cavanagh.  All rights reserved.

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