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guided retreats

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If you’ve ever wished you could have some time and space alone with God, but would prefer not to have it in a formal religious setting, then a retreat in our Shepherd’s Hut, set in a beautiful valley in Wales, could be for you.

You can treat the Hut as a hermitage – a place to be completely alone.


Or, if you would find it helpful to have someone accompanying you as a spiritual listener, I am available to meet with you once a day to talk through anything that might come up between you and God during this precious interlude.  You’ll have solitude without loneliness.

Retreats are offered subject to availability. For retreat availability click here:

Retreats are offered on a donation basis through my page at gogetfunding.

The Shepherd’s hut is managed by my husband, Sean, and should be booked separately by following this link on Airbnb.

Once you've booked your accommodation, please specify that you require a retreat by sending a message directly through Airbnb.


Lorraine Cavanagh, Christian Spirituality, from the edge


anglican priest/author

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